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on america sketches

Some of the sketches for my current series, “On America.”

Peregrine Falcon Research

Kodak Building, Perigrine Falcon Camera

Yesterday, I began researching for my next artwork:   a Peregrine Falcon (eating/or attacking/diving towards) a Rock Pigeon. I spent an hour looking around the Chicago Peregrine Falcon Blog and examining the images before my internet stopped working.  To distract myself I started making little urban wolf collages-I’ll share those later.

Currently, I’m at the office and my coworker just stopped by,  he told me about a peregrine falcon cam in his hometown of Rochester, NY.  It just so happens, the cam is on top of the Kodak building.  Needless to say, the pictures are the best I’ve seen!  I’m thrilled and I’ll probably be refreshing this page for the rest of the weekend.  I’ll save some of my favorite  images and use them for my next embroidered artwork.  Click on the image-it will link you to the webcam homepage.