your gold covered mouth

9″x12″ watercolor, marker, and colored pencil on arches hot pressed cotton paper


bird, rat, moss

I found this warbler on my walk to the gym the other day.  Liz said that some people parked in an suv nearby were craning their necks trying to see what I was going to do next after I picked this little bugger up.  I set him on this piece of cardboard and hoped that he would still be there post workout.  Phew!  He was and I spent some quality time getting to know him with my pencil and camera.

My cabinet and the beginning of my post-apocalyptic terrariums.  Keeping the moss alive for the time being.

simple & complex

Dear friends and enemies, I have been M.I.A. for quite sometime because I have recently acquired an overtime Biology and Research Science teaching position at a Chicago Public School.  It has been all consuming, educational, and remarkably inspiring.  Browsing my bookcase you’ll see that I have a penchant for a scientific mind.  Although, art is my chosen field it cannot exist without inspiration and mine is from the natural world. I shot a couple of the pieces I’ve been working on in conjunction with my recent endeavor.

This is my cell series, top to bottom:  prokaryote 1, prokaryote 2, eukaryote 1, eukaryote 2, eukaryote and i

Southport Corridor on Friday the 13th

Some images from my morning walk through my neighborhood.  Thank you, Jane at Southport Blooms!  Working with the holga lens with fisheye attachment for my Canon 60D.


Morbid Curiosity

Looking at life through a whole new lens.  Here are some images from my recent trip to the Chicago Cultural Center with a Holga lens for my Canon 60D.  I walked around with the fisheye lens attached and I plan on playing with some of the optic distortion and color filters soon.  The two shows that I caught were, Morbid Curiosity and Write Now:  Artists and Letterforms.






on america sketches

Some of the sketches for my current series, “On America.”