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an unlikely vegan

above:  The last animal product that I have eaten in two weeks.  This my friends wasn’t even that delicious.  I have made it many times before, sweet simmered venison, peppers, and onions.  Usually I spoon it over some freshly steamed rice and chow down but this was the last meal before my juice fast and detox and I was so turned off.  The fast went well-it had its ups and downs -overall it has made me disinterested in any animal products and I have been super interested in this woman, Ani Phyo.  I am now a vegan who is leaning towards raw.  I have been vegetarian before and I kind of expected it to happen again.  For the past year or so I have made many half hearted attempts but now I am sticking to it.  Hopefully this raw food will fuel my creativity.

I worked on some watercolor sketches today of my next fox piece.  Nothing worth showing.  Then, minutes ago I mounted my first staghorn fern in sphagnum moss on a piece of barn timber that I picked up on Ryan’s property.

I have two more to mount – I’ve been wanting one ever since the first time I went to the conservatory.  Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.  I love that place:)


I am dreaming of an epiphyte room

This is my first post of my first summer vacation as a teacher.

I have been spending the morning getting over this disgusting sickness that Liz so graciously shared with me.  Thanks Liz.  Anyway, I’m feeling better and  I have time to incubate my ideas so that they may germinate.    Ever since the first time I entered the epiphyte room of the conservatory I have had this dream of a room full of epiphytes.  Yesterday something special happened.  I received my first epiphytes!!!

This little guy:  

Maxillaria tenuifolia -who will grow up to smell like coconuts and look like this:

and….this one:

Vanilla planifolia variegated – the one orchid that produces a product that we consume (other than aesthetic pleasure)

This beauty can grow to be upwards of 30′ and I am on the lookout for a nice log or piece of well weathered lumber to attach this thing to.  Please let me know if you have such an item at your disposal.

Here is an image of a room that I would like to drink my coffee in one day:

I think that my staghorn ferns and orchids would enjoy this space in Duluth’s Glensheen Mansion.  I went for a tour of the mansion when I was in middle school and I have wanted this room ever since.  Now I am going to spend some time sketching.

recreational killers OR cat with songbird surrounded by belladonna


nikki jarecki


A sketch that I just did for my recent research to coalesce.

House cat with dead songbird surrounded by a wreath of Atropa Belladonna.