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Renegade Craft Fair 2012



Hull-House and Watie White Deinstall

Last Thursday night was big.  I attended the book release party/presentations and discussions surrounding the recent release, Art and Social Justice Education:  Culture as Commons.  It was an exciting evening filled with friends, colleagues, and inspiration at the Hull-House.  I have been watching episodes of the Pinky Show ever since.

After the event at the Hull-House it was off to the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport to assist in the deinstallation of Watie White‘s exhibition, The Chicago Project.  On the way I spotted one of Watie’s posters on the door at Maria’s.

Portraits of people with first encounter text.

art and taxidermy

Victorian anthropomorphism
Kittens Tea Party by Walter Potter

Rowland Ward, Victorian answer to finding a practical use for taxidermy in everyday objects.
Rhino Foot Humidor by Rowland Ward

 Fur covered cup, saucer, and spoon by Meret Oppenheim
Cress Funeral Home, Madison Wisconsin
Anthropomorphic stuffed squirrels and chipmunks fill the basement. 
 Detail by Vito Marchino
Flock by Damien Hirst 
 Angela Singer
Polly Morgan, Aerial Flutter, 2010 
Aerial Flutter, Detail 

renegade craft fair

My favorite things there were the Twig Terrariums.  I have been meaning to put a terrarium together for some time now and seeing these puts me on the lookout for cool clear jars that I can fill with mossy goodness.  Each Twig Terrarium is miniscaped with figurines and toys to crate a tiny ecosystem.  Love it!
I picked up a Vaya bag, this repurposed tie broach, and a fossilized Magalodon Shark tooth necklace.

Museum of Museums

Google has 17 museums that you can navigate and explore online in a way that allows you to get too close-10billion pixels close.  Now I can examine my favorite paintings for as long as I would like while getting closer than the naked eye allows.  Additionally you may create a collection of your favorite works-There are so many practical applications for the classroom and research.  In theory.

I spent a little time with it and in a way it is an exciting tool and on the other hand while you navigate you cannot zoom into every piece-you cannot even see every piece.  Many works are blurred out.  This is upsetting in the same way that watermarks on online images is upsetting.  Just get over yourself.

It is in my links under, teachers guides under-art project


I just watched the 2011 TED Prize winner give his speech and I am floored.  I am going to participate in this project with my high school students.  I am considering putting their documentary project on hold to do this instead.  That is how excited I am.  Seriously.  JR is my new favorite street artist/photographer/human rights activist. His work is a seamless combination of concept, execution, installation and humor. I especially enjoy the work that he did in India.  He pasted white paper to the walls with adhesive applied to the image so when the dust covered the white paper it only adhered to the adhesive and the image became exposed.   There are gorgeous images of people throwing colored chalks at the adhesive.  Stunning!

More here:  inside out project

Ted talk here:  JR 2011 TED

One Minute Sculptures

Our Art 1 students just completed a Fluxus unit.  It included history, performance, sculpture, photography, flux box making, and sending off directions into the community.

Here are some images that my students created based on Erwin Wurum’s One Minute Sculpture series. The students were told to work in groups of two and use themselves and at least one prop to create a living sculpture based on a simple direction.  Here are the directions and the results.

Become uncomfortable:

Interact with space:

Glue your brain:

Balance something on your feet:

Show your tongue: