Nikki Jarecki

Nikki Jarecki graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2005 and soon after moved to Chicago, Illinois.  In 2007, she began creating images with thread that communicate her enthusiasm for natural history.  Her images combine traditional embroidery stitches and aggressive marks to convey the message of survival that is congruent in both rural and urban environments; for both the plant and animal kingdoms.  By uncovering the bare bones of survival skills and adaptations of plants and animals, Jarecki brings humans closer to our animal selves.  During October of 2010 Jarecki was chosen as one of twelve featured artists for Chicago’s Artist Month.  Jarecki earned her Masters of Art Education from DePaul University in 2011.  She is currently working as a curator, educator, and collaborator.  

This blog is a collection of my day-to-day art making process  and inspirational materials.  Please peruse and leave comments.   Thank you!


3 responses to “Nikki Jarecki

  • Jennifer Stuart

    Survival in the Urbal and Rural areas…I love that. It’s such a fertile topic. The same sort of nerves kick in in both types of environments; but the aesthetic and details are so different from one to the next.

  • Renchi Bicknell

    My daily practice is to go out to the Somerset levels and either paint or film
    the murmurations of starlings at dawn and dusk I would like to contact re exhibiting your work here or my work there or whatever ..are you interested ?

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