Monthly Archives: May 2012

bird, rat, moss

I found this warbler on my walk to the gym the other day.  Liz said that some people parked in an suv nearby were craning their necks trying to see what I was going to do next after I picked this little bugger up.  I set him on this piece of cardboard and hoped that he would still be there post workout.  Phew!  He was and I spent some quality time getting to know him with my pencil and camera.

My cabinet and the beginning of my post-apocalyptic terrariums.  Keeping the moss alive for the time being.


simple & complex

Dear friends and enemies, I have been M.I.A. for quite sometime because I have recently acquired an overtime Biology and Research Science teaching position at a Chicago Public School.  It has been all consuming, educational, and remarkably inspiring.  Browsing my bookcase you’ll see that I have a penchant for a scientific mind.  Although, art is my chosen field it cannot exist without inspiration and mine is from the natural world. I shot a couple of the pieces I’ve been working on in conjunction with my recent endeavor.

This is my cell series, top to bottom:  prokaryote 1, prokaryote 2, eukaryote 1, eukaryote 2, eukaryote and i