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Hull-House and Watie White Deinstall

Last Thursday night was big.  I attended the book release party/presentations and discussions surrounding the recent release, Art and Social Justice Education:  Culture as Commons.  It was an exciting evening filled with friends, colleagues, and inspiration at the Hull-House.  I have been watching episodes of the Pinky Show ever since.

After the event at the Hull-House it was off to the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport to assist in the deinstallation of Watie White‘s exhibition, The Chicago Project.  On the way I spotted one of Watie’s posters on the door at Maria’s.

Portraits of people with first encounter text.


something to look forward to

15″x20″ charcoal, sharpie, and acrylic on illustration board

Brunch at Nicole’s place on Sunday was full of beautiful people to shoot, including Heidi.  I took the liberty to add a traditional tattoo to her chest-she does have a tattoo in Thai that I omitted from her forearm.

Progress pic of the vulture and horse piece that I have been adding embroidery to:

Here are some pics from Sunday:

warm is the new cool

This is a quick painting that I started earlier this evening-hmmmm maybe it’s finished-I’m not sure if I’m finished but I’d hate to over work it.  I was looking at myself but there is no discernible resemblance.  Not that that was the point but I’ll try again anyway.

14″x22″ spray paint and acrylic on canvas

It’s half time America

This is going to be all about the super bowl.

Attended: the  Anobium issue release reading and party on Saturday.  Ben, I’m very proud of you!

In the beginning thinking stages of a photo/embroidery collaboration with Chisum.

Taking a critique class with other art educators at the Art Institute.

Going to Texas.

Probabilities: For Whom the Bell Curves

Some of the paintings that I’m experimenting my mixed-media thread approach with.  Now, there is either paint or thread but I’m digging into that shortly.  I feel like I can work everything out so smoothly in my sketchbook -canvas has been another issue.  I picked up some graffiti markers and I am prepared to throw a lot of canvas away and pretend it’s a sketchbook. Last week, I spent an entire day-from 5 a.m. until 7 p.m. cutting stencils and working on a piece that is total trash.  The stencils could come in handy sometime in the future though.  I don’t regret it, everything is an experiment.  I’m reading,  The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science by Natalie Angier. Her introduction made me fall in love with her as she doesn’t take herself too seriously but she is really passionate about science education.  There is a lot of underlining going on.  Working on some sketches and photographs for a self portrait painting.