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no snow for sinners


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bad at sports and caffeine

I haven’t been here because reading Murakami’s 1Q84 has taken up the better part of my last two weeks.  I eagerly began reading this massive tome while writhing from a post Thanksgiving feast on my couch. And I just finished the last chapter on Monday while having tea at Argo before I was supposed to meet up with a friend.  One of the luxuries of my current employment situation-I can read a lot.  It was incredibly entertaining and sexy however, it has most certainly convinced me that I was all wrong about my previous anti kindle stance.  Kindles or e-readers in general are really cool because they don’t hurt your shoulders.  I want one.  I would go on about how I feel about the actual writing here but I have other work to get to and my review is too provocative to discuss in this format. Also, I’m a lucky woman and a lot of friends have been visiting.  So art making was on the back burner.

I’m alone this evening with Elaine and we are being very productive.  Listening to Bad at Sports podcasts and drawing.  Here is the design that I started working on tonight.  I will add “Black Gold” and some  more flourishes around the bone to the bottom portion of the design.  It’s very satisfying to work on drawings because this is the product of a couple hours of work vs.  the embroidered work below being the product of countless hours and I’m still not so sure about it.  I know I need to loosen up on this mixed media work but it’s a struggle.  The nature of the beast.

In this version I added a sketch of “Black Gold” for scale.  These are not finished works.

This is the way my thistle piece is shaping up.  I’m not all that pumped about it at this stage.  Thus, the divergence from thread-temporary I hope as I just stocked up and I’m quite fond of the process in general.  At this point I wish I hadn’t cut the canvas into a non rectangular shape-I feel like the design is kinda stuck.  I’m going to give myself permission to not work on this for awhile.  It can be slightly daunting to put so much time into something and then decide that you need a break but sometimes it makes the relationship stronger.  I’m hoping that the next time we encounter each other I will be inspired.

If the weather would cooperate I would be taking more photos with my new camera but thus far it has been an indoor endeavor.  She’s complicated. Happily, at the Topics opening on Friday I was the resident photographer for the photo booth with Chisum’s 5D-which is now my favorite role at parties.  So I have been shooting but nothing worth posting yet.

creative interlude

Lately it has been pretty Asian out:  I have been obsessively reading Haruki Murakami’s latest and dare I say, greatest 1Q84;  my Japanese camera arrived in the mail;  I ate Korean BBQ with Wai;  I just spotted an Asian American Club sweatshirt from Payton (I was their sponsor last year) and Wai and Carol both visited this past week.  I had a couple of brief hangout sessions with Carol but Wai, to my unexpected delight, spent three fun filled days.

On to the good stuff~The camera that I shoot with now is a Canon Power Shot SX 110IS-and it is perfectly fine if you want to take snapshots for your scrapbook however, it is super limited in ways too numerous to mention.  Thankfully my Canon 60D arrived in the mail.  Hollaaaaa! I’m pretty pretty pretty pumped about this as it’s my first DSLR-my former SLR is a Nikon FM 10 which I shot with as an undergrad-it went on many trips with me including Japan and Hawaii-I love it and if I had the time and space to process my own film I would be all over it but alas, this is not the case.  I have been distracted a lot lately now it’s back to business.  I am going to be completely absorbed with learning about my new love and spend as much time as possible with it.  Also, I am working on an online education portfolio on wix-something to throw on the business cards.  One thing at a time-first-camera.

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