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Taproot and Dan Patch Sketches








letting go



Non attendance day for students-this is a mornings work.  I may keep going until Jason can hang.  Things are starting to come together.




no entiendo

No entiendo, one of the few Spanish phrases that I have learned since Tuesday.  I love falling behind!  I am amazing.  Things are better than they have been in a long long time.  I needed an awesome weekend and this sure is; full of treasure hunting, taxidermy gazing, adventuring, feasting, meeting, discussing, and creating.  Among other things.  I picked up a couple of books:  Blink by Malcom Gladwell- which Branden recommended however, it is a little creepy because on Friday night I had a lovely discussion with a neurologist/economist who does research along a similar vein.  Greg uses functional magnetic resonance imaging to map the brain as it reacts to stimuli.  This book discusses those reactions as they happen without our help-automatic judgements in the blink of an eye.  It is a book about decision makers and how the best ones filter the very few factors that matter from an overwhelming number of variables.  I’m excited to dive into it.  Of course, Murakami came out with a new book, IQ84 but I had to pass that up because I don’t have time for a 900+ pager at the moment.  Besides, schlepping it to work on my bike might throw out my back.  It is on my goodreads list.  The other book that I grabbed is, Geekspeak:  A Guide to Answering the Unanswerable, Making Sense of the Nonsensical, and Soliving the Unsolvable by Dr. Graham Tattersall.  It is about the language and logic of mathematics as applied to the philosophical, personal and trivial.

I recently read:  It was a pleasure, here is one of my favorite moments:  “Rather than try to pull his fist out of the leopard’s mouth, Carl pushed inward, driving it right down her throat. He kept choking the leopard with his left hand and began cutting off her windpipe. Somehow he fell down to the ground and landed on top of her, using his knees and elbows to pin her limbs to the ground.”  It goes on to illustrate the bare handed killing of a leopard by Carl Ackley-many similarly spectacular tales throughout the text.  Highly recommended.  We visited a great local shop, Woolly Mammoth today-full of spectacular taxidermy and a lovely shop owner, Skye.  I chatted her up and she shared a few of the histories of some of the critters in her and her husband’s massive collection.

I acquired a dresser:  Branden curated the space above my bookcases:

I started a new piece,  Taproot:

leave me alone with my bones and thread

I embrace the fall and all of the ways it makes me feel about myself-comfortable and sick. My memory must work better in the cold because I always remember so much, I let myself.  Sleep is not easy to come by when your brain won’t shut off for whiskey, wine, yoga or exhaustive arguments.  I want to drive through Wisconsin and sit by the lake.  This lake is not even close to my Superior.  Get lost in the forest and feel so happy when I see another person-even if it’s a bear hunter who would rather shoot me than talk.  I like hunters.  I try to forget about that and enjoy it here.  It is pretty okay here.  I’m going to the Harold Washington Library today to check out some Spanish CD’s and begin studying.  Then, I have to go to the Art Institute to renew my educator membership and check out the collections.  I have been writing more-I should edit some stuff and post it.  I’ve been painting with oils too-I spent some quality time with the porcupine skull from my family’s land.

Also, this is what I have been spending my days working on.  I’m going to try to capture more images of the process of creating these mixed media embroidered works-just in case I like one of the stages better than the finished piece.  I tend to overwork things.  I should just let them be.  I have been obsessing about the camera that I am getting, Canon D60 with standard zoom lens for now but I am really pumped to have a DSLR.  Who shoots on film?  I hold myself back as if I am old school but I never take my Nikon with me.  Last night when I was hanging out at Brandy and Eric’s place, greeting the trick or treaters with my skeleton hand of hard cider, I really wanted to photograph them and the awesome Halloween installation that they arranged.  Victorian funeral parlor fragranced fog machine, strobe lit cobwebbed candelabra and entryway flanked by novelty lights and potions.  Eric and Brandy looked amazing, beautifully creepy as well.  Yep, so that’s the other thing that I’ve been thinking about constantly.  A camera.

This is about 30 hours of work on my latest piece, Uprooted.  I put a lime on it to give you a sense of scale.

Pin pricks in parchment paper.