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art and taxidermy

Victorian anthropomorphism
Kittens Tea Party by Walter Potter

Rowland Ward, Victorian answer to finding a practical use for taxidermy in everyday objects.
Rhino Foot Humidor by Rowland Ward

 Fur covered cup, saucer, and spoon by Meret Oppenheim
Cress Funeral Home, Madison Wisconsin
Anthropomorphic stuffed squirrels and chipmunks fill the basement. 
 Detail by Vito Marchino
Flock by Damien Hirst 
 Angela Singer
Polly Morgan, Aerial Flutter, 2010 
Aerial Flutter, Detail 

poke holes

I have a killer four day subbing job for a French teacher this week.  So, I have been using my time wisely.  I’m  thinking about the Jorge Lucero performance/discussion at DePaul last week.  I have made the decision that I will purchase the  Rosetta Stone for Spanish and learn that language.  Planning a lesson plan that incorporates the use of cell phones.  Working on my current embroidery project, “Uprooted.” I have also been working on exploring a new medium that involves poking holes.  I’m thinking of texting prompts to people and then recording their responses by poking holes in parchment paper.  Thread may be involved in some way.  I’ll let you know how this works out but if you get a strange text from me please don’t ignore it.  Thanks!

my domain

I just created my very own website using other peoples pixels.

It like everything, is a work in progress.  I just received my work from a show and I have to shoot, House Cat With Belladonna  but I’m going to wait for my D60.  I would like the homepage image to not be my face, maybe some thread and bones.  Anyway, please visit my website:


Open House Chicago 2011

This is my 100th post. Yay!  The images below are from my weekend adventures in Rogers Park with Open House Chicago.  I am a little more in love with this city-and I want to live in this castle that sits against Indian Boundary Park.


The facade of this Spanish Villa condo building is breathtakingly gorgeous.  The tour of the interior shared spaces was wretched but I’m sure the condos themselves are ultra awesome.  I wish we could have seen one.  Maybe I’ll feign interest in purchasing one to get a tour-like psycho lady that we saw everywhere.  We’re onto you.

On the walk.

Jason- I think this is the first pic of you on here.  That’s weird.  This pumpkin was big.

tilt your head back

In Milwaukee being distracted by Liz so Branden could shoot a decent headshot of me for the Point Alum publication.  I thought this one was pretty cool-photo credit Liz Berland.  Way to go Liz!  You are getting better with practice.

Because I can’t help but post images of my favorite people.  Presenting, the lovely Branden and Wai.


Yesterday, I hung out downtown for the afternoon and picked up some oil sticks at Blick.  I didn’t realize how much I miss the smell of oil paint-but there it is and it is calling my name.  Branden gave me so many awesome treasures including this stuffed pheasant head that I just spent some quality time with.  Maybe deer head will be next.

Lighter version