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Edward Lear Parrots

I began working on fabric last week for my largest and most ambitious embroidered work to date.  It is a European Starling (which I never really did justice) surrounded by a wreath of thistles.  Both unwanted members of our environment (depending on who you ask-I, of course, don’t feel that way but I also love pigeons and based on my previous poll I’m assuming the minority stance here)  yet both really really excel at living around human kind.  Whenever I am faced with a computer and I have exhausted all work that I can do at that moment I like to visit BibliOdyssey.  It is my favorite blog for satisfying both my love of text and imagery in a focused and grounded way. That being said, I stumbled upon some really gorgeous paintings of birds done by the brilliant, Edward Lear (1812-1888). I decided to post a few of my favorites as I am about to dive into yet another bird piece.

Edward Lear sketches of parrots relating to Illustrations of the family of Psittacidae, or parrots(1832), ca. 1830:Guide.

I adore how loose yet refined these works are.  The blotches of color that Mr. Lear quickly applied while testing color mixtures and layers, as well as the small sketches and notes, work well to activate the space and energize the compositions.  I really love the Salmon-Crested Cockatoo (third down).  The feathers are so texturally accurate that I want to bury my hands in his handsome plumage.  I hope you enjoy and if you are interested in learning more please visit the BibliOdyssey site.

Also, I am subbing my first art class today for a Ms. Wyss at Senn High School and I couldn’t be happier! I am so inspired!



renegade craft fair

My favorite things there were the Twig Terrariums.  I have been meaning to put a terrarium together for some time now and seeing these puts me on the lookout for cool clear jars that I can fill with mossy goodness.  Each Twig Terrarium is miniscaped with figurines and toys to crate a tiny ecosystem.  Love it!
I picked up a Vaya bag, this repurposed tie broach, and a fossilized Magalodon Shark tooth necklace.


Best laid plans, right?  I have been subbing as a cadre for cps and I am learning more about behavior management now than grad school or Payton could have possibly taught me.  It has also shown me that I definitely love teaching art.  That is the subject matter for me, hands down.  I enjoy many other subjects but the energy in the classroom is never the same.  I know that if I get to sub in an art room it will totally kick ass and the time will fly.  Subbing for math and English classes is not nearly as engaging.

Looking on the bright side of things.  I will be using my time to develop curriculum with Alexa when she returns from her great American roadtrip.  I am really looking forward to team planning, organizing learning materials, and generally discussing art education with someone again.  It is just what I need.  Yay!  Back to bumblebees.

Also, I just added this new link:  Veterinary Anatomical Illustrations