an unlikely vegan

above:  The last animal product that I have eaten in two weeks.  This my friends wasn’t even that delicious.  I have made it many times before, sweet simmered venison, peppers, and onions.  Usually I spoon it over some freshly steamed rice and chow down but this was the last meal before my juice fast and detox and I was so turned off.  The fast went well-it had its ups and downs -overall it has made me disinterested in any animal products and I have been super interested in this woman, Ani Phyo.  I am now a vegan who is leaning towards raw.  I have been vegetarian before and I kind of expected it to happen again.  For the past year or so I have made many half hearted attempts but now I am sticking to it.  Hopefully this raw food will fuel my creativity.

I worked on some watercolor sketches today of my next fox piece.  Nothing worth showing.  Then, minutes ago I mounted my first staghorn fern in sphagnum moss on a piece of barn timber that I picked up on Ryan’s property.

I have two more to mount – I’ve been wanting one ever since the first time I went to the conservatory.  Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.  I love that place:)


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