Animal as Metaphor

AnimalAsMetaphorBrochureFinalI have been trying to access the photos from our recent trip to Wisconsin to see my latest exhibition, Animal as Metaphor- however, i uploaded them and iphoto isn’t displaying them for some strange reason.  I should reboot-it is always the reboot.  Anyway, here is the flyer of the show and I will post some pics of our adventures and my work very soon.  I am now working on two embroidered pieces.  One of a famous racehorse, Black Gold.  Who was forced to race beyond his capacity and broke his leg-the injury left the horse destined for the business end of a shotgun in front of mourning fans.  The fans lined up and snipped pieces of the dead celebrities mane and tail.  His hometown was so devastated that school was cancelled on his behalf.

The other piece is about consumption and it involves a deconstructed fox fur that my friend, Ryan recently gave me.  It is on the drawing board but I envision threads hanging out of the foxes mouth and dead bird hanging from the other end.  Still in the works- but I am excited.


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