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hipster pigs

A lot happened yesterday while I was hanging out with Alexa.  Who gets geometric tattoos?  Hipsters.  So, I saw these hipster pigs hanging out at the farm.  They were really anxious so I wasn’t able to get a clear shot-constantly rummaging around in the dirt trying to find their skinny jeans.

Then I saw these little chicks that just hatched.  The one on the left was trying to reassume the egg position.  Cute little bugger.

After chick time we went to the conservatory.  One of my favorite places in the city!  Where I shot an image of this giant staghorn fern to show my tiny staghorns what they have the potential to grow up to be.  I’m so proud of them.  This alligator fern is so super cool I had to show you.

Finally I made this little watercolor of a bird’s head.  It was a good day.


an unlikely vegan

above:  The last animal product that I have eaten in two weeks.  This my friends wasn’t even that delicious.  I have made it many times before, sweet simmered venison, peppers, and onions.  Usually I spoon it over some freshly steamed rice and chow down but this was the last meal before my juice fast and detox and I was so turned off.  The fast went well-it had its ups and downs -overall it has made me disinterested in any animal products and I have been super interested in this woman, Ani Phyo.  I am now a vegan who is leaning towards raw.  I have been vegetarian before and I kind of expected it to happen again.  For the past year or so I have made many half hearted attempts but now I am sticking to it.  Hopefully this raw food will fuel my creativity.

I worked on some watercolor sketches today of my next fox piece.  Nothing worth showing.  Then, minutes ago I mounted my first staghorn fern in sphagnum moss on a piece of barn timber that I picked up on Ryan’s property.

I have two more to mount – I’ve been wanting one ever since the first time I went to the conservatory.  Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.  I love that place:)

Animal as Metaphor

AnimalAsMetaphorBrochureFinalI have been trying to access the photos from our recent trip to Wisconsin to see my latest exhibition, Animal as Metaphor- however, i uploaded them and iphoto isn’t displaying them for some strange reason.  I should reboot-it is always the reboot.  Anyway, here is the flyer of the show and I will post some pics of our adventures and my work very soon.  I am now working on two embroidered pieces.  One of a famous racehorse, Black Gold.  Who was forced to race beyond his capacity and broke his leg-the injury left the horse destined for the business end of a shotgun in front of mourning fans.  The fans lined up and snipped pieces of the dead celebrities mane and tail.  His hometown was so devastated that school was cancelled on his behalf.

The other piece is about consumption and it involves a deconstructed fox fur that my friend, Ryan recently gave me.  It is on the drawing board but I envision threads hanging out of the foxes mouth and dead bird hanging from the other end.  Still in the works- but I am excited.

glitter on dead things