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Museum of Museums

Google has 17 museums that you can navigate and explore online in a way that allows you to get too close-10billion pixels close.  Now I can examine my favorite paintings for as long as I would like while getting closer than the naked eye allows.  Additionally you may create a collection of your favorite works-There are so many practical applications for the classroom and research.  In theory.

I spent a little time with it and in a way it is an exciting tool and on the other hand while you navigate you cannot zoom into every piece-you cannot even see every piece.  Many works are blurred out.  This is upsetting in the same way that watermarks on online images is upsetting.  Just get over yourself.

It is in my links under, teachers guides under-art project


I am dreaming of an epiphyte room

This is my first post of my first summer vacation as a teacher.

I have been spending the morning getting over this disgusting sickness that Liz so graciously shared with me.  Thanks Liz.  Anyway, I’m feeling better and  I have time to incubate my ideas so that they may germinate.    Ever since the first time I entered the epiphyte room of the conservatory I have had this dream of a room full of epiphytes.  Yesterday something special happened.  I received my first epiphytes!!!

This little guy:  

Maxillaria tenuifolia -who will grow up to smell like coconuts and look like this:

and….this one:

Vanilla planifolia variegated – the one orchid that produces a product that we consume (other than aesthetic pleasure)

This beauty can grow to be upwards of 30′ and I am on the lookout for a nice log or piece of well weathered lumber to attach this thing to.  Please let me know if you have such an item at your disposal.

Here is an image of a room that I would like to drink my coffee in one day:

I think that my staghorn ferns and orchids would enjoy this space in Duluth’s Glensheen Mansion.  I went for a tour of the mansion when I was in middle school and I have wanted this room ever since.  Now I am going to spend some time sketching.


This is the list of words that I will not misplace or forget about.


I have been staring at this one page of jewelry daydreaming for the past thirty minutes.


Yesterday I was kicked by a crazy stranger and I had him arrested- today was hectic and I am exhausted.  I love teaching but I am looking forward to summer vacation.  This summer I am going to continue working on Darwin/Finch/House cat pieces.  I love stencils- cutting, printing, and playing with the possibilities of one image in different contexts.  I will most likely create an embroidered  portrait of Mr. Darwin interacting in some way with a flock of finches.  A nest-in his beard-one each of the 13 species fluttering around his magnificent noggin- pointing their differences in his direction-or abstractions of the differences-i am  just so excited to work on my own artistic problems.

Darwin and Two Finches

Behold!!! An image of a three color stencil that I cut and printed of Mr. Darwin and two of his Galapagos Finches!