Monthly Archives: May 2011

House Cat with Atropa Belladonna and Kill

5/15/11 I am finished with “House Cat with Atropa Belladonna and Kill.”  I began this piece while I was student teaching in the fall and I neglected it for a long long time.  I am wondering if I should keep the edges tattered and frayed or pin them under.  The facade of cool- cat surrounded by a beautiful thing.  Both kill for fun not necessarily for survival however, adaptations can lead to recreation.

I need to move on and in a different direction  I keep thinking about sewing paper sculptures and now I am reading a book on rats.  I’m going to pull out some paper and embroidery floss and see what develops- I’m also thinking about nests. I’m all over the place but I need to get some thoughts out of me.


Robots and Dinosaurs

First we learned about plastic and its impact on the environment.  Plastic comes from fossil fuels (prehistoric beasts and other organic matter) and the future can be symbolized through the robot.

My mixed media students choose either a dinosaur or a robot and created a sculpture out of wire, plastic and found objects plastic and the future.