Monthly Archives: April 2011

A Weekend With Friends

Easter trip to Milwaukee to see our dear friends


and Alyssa

to collect some treasures

and leave others alone

and look at some at their apartment


this bully

and this pigeon

and who does not have an elephant tooth under glass in their cabinet?


Gold Medal

It is nice to have some gold in your mailbox in the morning!

spring break 2011

Animal planters for spring break 2011!!!  Here is a particularly charming little bunny by one of my students, Natalie in response to the occasion.

I have spent the afternoon embroidering my latest recreational killer surrounded by a wreath of belladonna.  I hope to complete it and the four boxes by the end of this spring break for the show in Point early this summer.  I’ll post the image of my killer cat as soon as I complete it.  It feels great to have some time to work on my own artwork.