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Fish Art Contest


plastic bag art

I’ve been working through a lesson plan on making artwork from plastic bags.  I’ll post some images later but for now here are some url’s:


I just watched the 2011 TED Prize winner give his speech and I am floored.  I am going to participate in this project with my high school students.  I am considering putting their documentary project on hold to do this instead.  That is how excited I am.  Seriously.  JR is my new favorite street artist/photographer/human rights activist. His work is a seamless combination of concept, execution, installation and humor. I especially enjoy the work that he did in India.  He pasted white paper to the walls with adhesive applied to the image so when the dust covered the white paper it only adhered to the adhesive and the image became exposed.   There are gorgeous images of people throwing colored chalks at the adhesive.  Stunning!

More here:  inside out project

Ted talk here:  JR 2011 TED