Monthly Archives: January 2011

One Minute Sculptures

Our Art 1 students just completed a Fluxus unit.  It included history, performance, sculpture, photography, flux box making, and sending off directions into the community.

Here are some images that my students created based on Erwin Wurum’s One Minute Sculpture series. The students were told to work in groups of two and use themselves and at least one prop to create a living sculpture based on a simple direction.  Here are the directions and the results.

Become uncomfortable:

Interact with space:

Glue your brain:

Balance something on your feet:

Show your tongue:


At School

I posted some images of the room that I’m in at school.

Dusted of the printing press and brought it into the light.  I miss making prints in Mr. Erickson’s class:  the snapping of the ink; cleaning off the glass; revealing the imprint on the paper.  I’d like to make some form of etchings with my classes.  For now we are making lino cuts about things that make us ANGRY!!!


The office desk clutter

Chalkboard with some organs hanging around


The view from 305