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Happy Last Day of 2010!


This silver swan automation dates from 1773  and it should make your last day of 2010 sparkle.

The swan is sitting on glass rods that rotate to give the illusion of a flowing stream.  There are small silver fish in the stream and the swan manages to catch one every time.  I’ve read that there was once a waterfall behind the swan, which was stolen.  The swan has been around the world and viewed and loved by many people both notable and ordinary.

Mark Twain saw the Silver Swan at the Paris exhibition in 1867 and described it in his book The Innocents Abroad:

‘I watched the Silver Swan, which had a living grace about his movement and a living intelligence in his eyes-watched him swimming about as comfortably and unconcernedly as it he had been born in a morass instead of a jeweller’s shop – watched him seize a silver fish from under the water and hold up his head and go through the customary and elaborate motions of swallowing it…’

I love it and I’d love to visit the Bowe’s Museum it’s in a castle!



Obscura Antiques & Oddities

I got up at 8:00 today to watch my new favorite show, Obscura.  Check out their blog:

It’s on the Discovery channel and it is full of bizarre strange and wonderful people and things.

bottle cap resin project

A couple of my mixed media seminar students mentioned that they would like to make bottle cap resin magnet/pins-  Let’s do it!  I’m going to Michael’s today to buy some resin and figure this out.  From what I’ve read this is what we need:

  • 1 quarter
  • Picture
  • Bottle cap
  • Resin
  • Scissors
  • Glue:
  • Toothpicks      Thank you etsy!  I’ll post the results soon-I’m sure there are other things that we can fill with resin – hmmmmmm

  • Merry Christmas

    I just made this little Christmas collage for you from me with love! Merry Christmas!

    JEWELRY by Julia deVille

    I was online to register my Argo card when I became distracted by my recent infatuation with Victorian Mourning Jewelry-and when one gets distracted online it can lead to some pretty spectacular things.  This is one of those times.  I saw a thumbnail of the wing broach below and I had to learn more about this jewelry designer, Julia deVille. She is making the pieces that I have been dreaming about.  I couldn’t have done a better job myself and I have to find her work in Chicago.  I want to see it in person!!!  Obsessed-  Check it out:




    HTML & POLISH I’m going to learn it

    I’ve made a life decision:  I’m going to learn Polish & HTML

    I’ve started learning other languages (French, Spanish, Japanese) before and I really think that it’s time that I dedicate myself to this.  Learning Spanish makes sense because it seems practical, especially because so many people around me speak it.  French, is beautiful but very impractical.  Japanese is really awesome but I don’t have a single person to practice with.  That doesn’t make much sense.  People are speaking Polish everywhere in this city.  I even know some people here that speak it well-  so, that’s that!  I just saw an ad for Rosetta stone and I think I’m going to go for it.  Then, I can travel to Poland-that will be my ultimate goal!  Down the line I may be able to get a residency as a teaching artist in Poland- whoa.  If you know me you know that I like getting ahead of myself.

    HTML:  I’m learning it because I’m teaching a web design class and I’ve always wanted to be more independent on the web.  As much as I love books I know that technology is king and I really want to teach this well.  I’m getting off of this blog now so I can study.  It’s not easy but nothing worth doing is easy.  Yay!

    Scare Tactics Flyers

    Examples of posters