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bison studies



It turns out that the people who moved in downstairs don’t deserve felt on the bottom of our chair-legs.  These complete jack asses need a rise and shine alarm at 6 am complete with hammers and screams from yours truly.  This must be their first apartment and stand in for dorm living.  I have to get out of town or find a more mature apartment complex fast.  I started painting on the porch because it has been reasonably cooler this week, it was great.  I learned that the neighbors are really happy not knowing how to play the guitar loudly and smoking cigarettes that are laced with drano. It’s fine, I burned some incense and  blasted them out with actual music and realized once again why I like to paint.  I really like to paint even though I know and I’ve been told by others that it’s really not my forte.  That’s fine.  It’s relaxing and I need that-

America-I’m a pissed native-the perspective is a little off but I’m not working on her anymore.  She’s androgynous and scarred – I’m obsessed with bison-that’s next

100 Starling Installation

The starlings are up on the gallery wall!!!

I’ll be creating a diagram for the audience to identify each piece with the artist.

Artists Include:  Rob Stolzer, Tony Andrus, Joyce Polance, Kristina Smith, Brandon Malacara, Tessa Perutz, Coleen Self, Ian Bennet, Jeriah Hildwine, Kacie Karaslak, Mark Jones, Layne Jackson, Rebecca George, Connie Noyes, Sandre Griffin, Jane A. Kangas, Brandy Pudzis, Matt Adrian, Christopher Reigner Robin Strand, Peter Bullock, Stephanie Burke, Shiloh Psujek, Phoebe Rose Black/Toby, Simon Black/Toby, Ariana Lei Randazzo, and Nikki Jarecki.

the grizzly-still in progress

This is what the grizzly is turning into.  I’m feeling a skyline on the top-but of course that’s subject to change.  It’s nice to see my work in stages of incompleteness.  There is a lot of time in between posts but that’s because these things take a long time.  In the age of immediate communication-instant art, instant gratification-this is probably the lowest tech work I could be doing.  On with the old-I’ll be writing letters from now on and scrap-booking in lieu of the blog.