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In Minneapolis with Branden and Alyssa Martz

An exhibition to travel across state lines for.  I just returned from a trip to Minneapolis to visit my friends, Branden and Alyssa Martz.  It was worth the trip!

Above:  The Rock Dove in a bedazzled “R” letterform by Branden Martz.  Branden exhibited two taxidermy specimens of the pigeon in a natural history museum in their recreated theatrical natural habitat.  The only thing it’s missing is some pigeon droppings and a little destruction.  Maybe some feathers floating around and an odor is easily imagined.   It’s phenomenal.

Above:  Alyssa Martz in her Minneapolis studio with some of her recent work.  I’m so happy that she shared these paintings.  They are incredibly emotional and well executed.  Her work is informative without an overload of detail and I’m in love with her palette.

On an adventure we travelled through a flood for ice cream and a studio visit.

Below:  Branden’s MCAD studio in a partially dismantled state with some exciting work.

Branden in his studio


Cher Ami

Back From Austin and Back to Work

I just got back from a sweltering and swell trip to Austin, Texas.  Ate some BBQ, kissed some walls, and saw some beautiful landscapes.  

It was a wonderful vacation and when I got home I felt charged to complete my Cher Ami piece.  Here it is!!!

I know, it’s a little dark but it’s storming and I work by candlelight.  I love the way it hangs and wrinkles like a flag-what do y’all think?

Also, a little watercolor of a starling.  This August there will be a call for starlings for the Nomadic Studio’s Bird Sanctuary.  I’ll be asking for artists to submit a 2-D image or sculpture of a starling to be part of 100 starlings that were originally introduced to North America.  More on that later as I’m working with Kelsey on putting together a flyer for the show.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Minneapolis to attend my dear friend, Branden Martz’s opening of, An Archive, A Forest at the Bell Museum of Natural History.  I’m excited to reconnect with the Midwest and my friends!  I’ll post some more images when I return.

new watercolor supplies

I’ve been working on my watercolor painting skills.  Since I acquired this tilted drawing board and awesome set of twenty-four pans of watercolor I’ve been happily practicing every day!  For the sake of practice, I’ll be painting my plants.  They stay still and it’s satisfying to create art from the plants that I’ve grown.  Here’s one of a wandering jew that I painted yesterday.

wandering jew on wolf plate

I’ll be sharing more soon:)


Lesson Plan/Mixed Media Drawing-thread, marker, paint, and beads on fabric!!!

student work

student work/ payton

student work/payton

student work/payton

student work/payton

student work/payton

student work/payton

I just had an amazing opportunity to teach two mixed media drawing seminars at Walter Payton College Prep.  I enjoyed working with the students and getting to know them and their artistic styles.  I’ve posted some of the images from their last project, drawing with thread, beads, markers and paint on fabric.  It is so exciting to see what the students create and to guide them through the process.  I especially enjoyed introducing them to my favorite medium, thread!!!